The Running Stitch

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Good afternoon!

I could get used to this two posts a day business! will pass you over to the fabulous Ouissi of British Cream Tea for a Running Stitch tutorial.

Love xx

Running stitch is probably the most basic stitch. It can be used to hem fabric, viagra sale sew seams, discount viagra as a decorative stitch or to gather fabric.

1. Secure your thread and bring your needle through to the right side where you wish your line of stitches to begin.
2. Return your needle back through to the reverse a short distance away. The distance will determine how long your stitch is.
3&4. Bring your needle back to the right side a short distance from your first stitch. How far away from the end of the first stitch you chose to bring the thread back through will determine the space between your stitches.
5. Repeat until you have sewed your row. Whilst it is usual to sew each of the stitches, and gaps, the same size you can change this for different effects by making either the stitches or the gaps longer or by varying the lengths as you progress down the row.

Enjoy! Ouissi xx

2 Comments on "The Running Stitch"

  1. Helen Peters July 18, 2012 at 20:26 · Reply

    You should have two posts more often! perfect afternoon reading and loving this series H xo

  2. Rosalind Thomas July 23, 2012 at 10:44 · Reply

    Loving this series, thanks for the basics, I am about to join a local sewing club and will be recommending British Cream Tea as a reference.
    Ros xx

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